Last Drop bottles 1925 Grande Champagne Cognac

Mar 12, 2019by Owen Bellwood

Rare spirits bottler The Last Drop Distillers has unveiled its first Grande Champagne Cognac bottling, which includes liquid distilled in 1925.

The 1925 Cognac has lain forgotten on a family estate in the Grand Champagne region, where it was buried in the back of a cellar in 1940 to protect it from advancing German forces in the Second World War. The Cognac barrel remained hidden for nearly 80 years, before it was uncovered by Last Drop Distillers in 2018. “The moment we first tasted the 1925 Cognac, we knew we had a miraculous spirit before us,” said Rebecca Jago, joint managing director of The Last Drop Distillers. “It is an extraordinary Cognac from a single, precious cask, to rival any of the great names. It is made more poignant by the fact that it was distilled in the year my father, Tom Jago, was born. We celebrate his wonderful life with our 14th release, of which he would have been most proud.“ The Cognac was distilled in a small, traditional wood-fired still in the same year that The Great Gatsby was published, work on Mount Rushmore began and the first edition of The New Yorker was released. On the eye, the Cognac is "mahogany, with burnished copper highlights", while on the nose it has floral notes and fruity hints of red and black cherry. The palate, meanwhile, "demonstrates its impressive vintage, while having all the freshness and lively vigour of an eau-de-vie a third of its age". It is believed that this Cognac spent its life in an ex-Pineau des Charentes cask, imbuing it with a distinct sweetness. Just 182 bottles of 1925 Hors d'Âge Grande Champagne Cognac will be released by The Last Drop Distillers, each packaged together with a 50ml miniature replica and a pocket-sized, leather-bound tasting book. The release will be available from select specialist spirits retailers with an RRP of £3,950 (US$5,160).