Labrenta unveils new bottle cap range

Jul 5, 2021by Alice Brooker

Italian closures manufacturer Labrenta has launched a new line of 24 caps, called Ready To Go.

Made in Italy, the stoppers in the Ready To Go line include five styles of caps, with a variety of colours available for each design. 'T-shape Wood' is an arm of the range, which presents cork closures, presented as T-shaped bottle tops with a cork stem and wooden head. Available colours include natural beech wood, dark brown and black. In the 'T-shape Deluxe' branch of the range, colours gold, silver and black are available in a metallic material. The beige 'T-shape Expancork' edition is available in four sizes as a plain T-shaped cork. Additionally, the 'Et Voilà Naked' range offers black and transparent plastic closures. Finally, the 'Gipy Deluxe' range of the line includes metallic caps without the cork, also available in gold, silver and black. Each variation of the line provides at least three sizes of closures to choose from. A virtual tour is also available to watch on Labrenta's website, featuring its showrooms in Italy. Earlier this year, Labrenta opened a new office in New Jersey, US, in a bid to expand its presence internationally. It has also recently opened an office in Germany.