Kyrö swaps rye gin for bartender hand cream

May 16, 2017by Kristiane Sherry

Finland’s Kyrö Distillery Company, known for its rye-based gins, has partnered with cosmetics firm Berner to develop a hand cream designed specifically for bartenders.

Moisturyeser, a product based on a traditional recipe, will help the Kyrö Distillery reach new export markets, the company says. The Kyrö team spotted a gap in the market and looked to produce a moisturiser to counter ‘bar hands’, where the skin becomes dry and irritated as a result of constant washing and contact with harsh liquids and cocktail ingredients. A lotion called Tummeli, first launched in the 1980s for farm hands, came close, and the team made contact with manufacturer Berner to develop a solution especially for bartenders. The resulting Moisturyeser combines the traditional Tummeli recipe with rye, the base of all Kyrö Distillery products. According to the team fermented rye is widely used in the cosmetics industry due to its probiotic properties. “What’s great about this somewhat unusual collaboration is that both companies benefit: we can use Moisturyeser to ‘smooth’ our way to new markets and Berner gets to add an updated version of a classic to their portfolio,” said Mikko Koskinen, one of the distillery’s founders. “The feedback from the bartenders has been quite something: they are used to getting bar spoons, bottle openers and such. This is something to show that we care about the people pouring the drinks. 2,000 tubes have already been distributed.” Salla Eklund, Berner marketing director, added: “We were especially delighted Kyrö Distillery picked Tummeli as the base for this product. Tummeli has cared for Finnish skin for decades and we are more than happy to also care for bartenders’ hardworking hands, whilst supporting Kyrö Distillery’s journey into new markets!” Team SB first got wind of the Kyrö Distillery Company's Moisturyeser launch on April 1 – and we were fooled!