Kold Group introduces low-calorie RTD cocktails

by Melita Kiely

Pre-mixed cocktail maker Kold Group has released a range of low-sugar,  low-calorie ready-to-drink (RTD) Spritz cocktails, with only 99 calories per bottle.

Kalosa Natural Spritz is available in two different flavours: Kalosa Elderflower and Gin, and Kalosa Pink Grapefruit and Vodka. Each bottled at 4% abv, Kalosa Natural Spritz has an RRP of £3 per 275ml bottle. Each bottle has between 2-3g of sugar per 100ml. Nick Sotiropoulos, founder of Kold Group, said: “We saw a gap in the market for a premium all-natural Spritz, one that still delivers on flavour but you don’t feel guilty about afterwards. “So many of today’s ready-to-serve drinks are laden with unnecessary amounts of sugar, calories and artificial ingredients. “Kalosa Natural Spritz is a breath of fresh air: light, refreshing and delicious in every sip.”