Kahlúa launches Espresso Martinis on tap

Aug 8, 2018by Owen Bellwood

Pernod Ricard-owned coffee liqueur brand Kahlúa has launched a pre-made Espresso Martini on tap in Australia.

The newly launched kegged Espresso Martini contains Absolut vodka, Kahlúa and Australia’s The Kind Coffee Co organic cold brew coffee. Peter Tate, general manager of New South Wales’ The Royal Hotels Group, was the first to install Kahlúa Cocktails on Tap, and said: “It pours perfectly and takes half the time.” The taps themselves use 20-litre, single-use recyclable kegs, which give the pre-mixed Espresso Martinis a six-month ambient shelf life without any added chemicals or flavour agents. The kegs work in any beer tap system and each one serves 160 drinks, saving a total of 7.5 service hours versus a hand-shaken Espresso Martini. Kahlúa’s Espresso Martini takes 10 seconds to pour, compared to the average three minutes to make by hand. Eric Thomson, Pernod Ricard Australia marketing director, said: “Espresso Martinis are contagious. It only takes one person to order an Espresso Martini and suddenly everyone wants one resulting in long queues to order a drink and a backup behind the bar. “Our Kahlúa Espresso Martini On Tap offers a solution that saves bartenders’ time without sacrificing the quality that consumers have come to expect from the hand-shaken cocktail.” The popularity of kegged cocktails has been on the rise in recent years, with UK-based restaurant chain Giraffe World Kitchen partnering with kegged cocktail supplier Frizzenti to launch cocktails on tap in its venues.