Jose Cuervo unveils new Playamar flavours

Tequila brand Jose Cuervo has expanded the availability of its Playamar hard seltzers throughout the US and added two new flavours to the range: mango and black cherry.

The Jose Cuervo Playamar Tequila Hard Seltzer range initially launched in August 2020 with two flavours: lime and grapefruit. The range is now available nationwide. Each expression has an ABV of 4.5% and contains 90 calories per 12oz can (355ml). The range is priced at RRP US$11.99 per pack of four 12oz cans. Playamar Mango is said to have a citrus taste with a finish of creamy mango purée and agave. Playamar Black Cherry is described as having flavours of tart dark cherry with dried fruit, agave and a slightly woody finish. Furthermore, Jose Cuervo has also released a ready-to-drink Strawberry Light Margarita. Each serving contains 120 calories and has an alcoholic strength of 9.95% ABV. The cocktail is available to buy in a 1.75l bottle for RRP US$15.99. Tasting notes include sweet strawberries with hints of red currants and lime.