Jose Cuervo and Fender build ‘world’s first’ agave guitar

May 2, 2017by Annie Hayes

The Jose Cuervo Foundation has joined forces with Fender to create the "world’s first" guitar made from 100% agave – the Cuervo x Fender Agave Stratocaster.

The guitar was designed and constructed by Fender Custom Shop master builder Paul Waller as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. All traditional wood elements on the guitar – the body, 21-fret neck and fingerboard – are replaced by agave plant-based material, and features Fender hardware, a custom-engraved neck plate with a Jose Cuervo inscription, and hand-wound Fat ‘50s neck, RWRP middle and bridge pickups. The Cuervo x Fender Agave Stratocaster took more than 30 hours to design and build, with an additional five days used for agave stalk harvesting and guitar sealing. “It shows we can make guitars out of nearly anything, and they still embody the distinctive sound of a Strat or a Tele,” said Waller. “The Agave Stratocaster has a specific sound compared to an alder and maple guitar, a unique tone that is going to start a conversation, and that’s the purpose – it’s exactly what the Fender Custom Shop has been doing for the past 30 years.” Since 1998, the Jose Cuervo Foundation has been exploring agave’s uses beyond Tequila; recently working with Ford Motor Company to design bespoke car parts, and surfboard shaper Gary Linden to create the first 100% agave surfboard. “Jose Cuervo Tradicional is proud to be working with Fender to further develop our uses for agave innovation,” said Sonia Espinola, director of heritage for the Jose Cuervo Foundation and master Tequilera. “As the world’s no. 1-selling Tequila, we could never have imagined the hundreds of agave plants we were cultivating would eventually multiply to millions. This collaboration, which brings to life the connection between Jose Cuervo and rock & roll, celebrates two great companies working together to create something iconic.”