Iron Smoke Distillery unveils cask strength Bourbon

Mar 25, 2019by Melita Kiely

New York-based Iron Smoke Distillery has released a limited edition cask strength whiskey – Iron Smoke Casket Strength Straight Bourbon.

Bottled at 60% abv, the Bourbon is non-chill-filtered and is said to have notes of butterscotch, vanilla and caramel. It has been matured in triple-charred, virgin white oak barrels, and is available to purchase exclusively through at an RRP of US$78.99 per 750ml. Tom Riggio, president of Iron Smoke Distillery, said: “Iron Smoke Casket Strength is certain to be a game changer among fans of our flagship Straight Bourbon Whiskey and brown spirit enthusiasts across the country. “This is based on the growing popularity of truly handcrafted cask strength and unfiltered offerings from pure-hearted distilleries that have taken the long hard road of making their own products without any filler from outside sources.”