Inginious launches gin for low-strength serves

by Alice Brooker

Yorkshire-based gin brand Inginious has released a 43% ABV concentrated bottling for low-alcohol serves.

Crafted at the Sloemotion Distillery in north Yorkshire, Inginious gin is said to have 10 times the flavour concentration compared with a standard gin, allowing it to be served in 5ml doses without compromising on taste. Simon Liddle, founder of Inginious, said: “For the last two years I have been looking to cut down on alcohol for health reasons. After struggling to find a tasty, low-alcohol gin, I set about creating a concentrated gin product like no other. "With an aim of reducing the stigma surrounding lower-alcohol drinks, Inginious Gin ensures that foregoing more traditional gins is a surprisingly simple choice.” The gin is packaged with a 5ml measuring spoon, and contains 40 serves per bottle. Recommended served with tonic water, the measuring spoon creates serves containing 0.2 units of alcohol. Inginious is crafted with botanicals including: juniper, coriander, lemongrass, grapefruit, lime and angelica. The bottling is available for RRP £26 (US$35.03) per 200ml bottle, and can be purchased through Earlier this year, Suffolk-based distillery Adnams unveiled a high-ABV gin to craft low-alcohol serves with a 2.5ml measure. London distiller Hayman's also tapped into the lower-alcohol trend in 2019 with the launch of a 'groundbreaking' gin that is recommended served in 5ml measures to create a gin and tonic.