Illuminati Vodka launches

by admin

Ultra-premium brand Illuminati has released its first bottling, a seven-times-distilled rye vodka.

The 40% ABV spirit was inspired by the world’s supposed oldest secret society, The Illuminati.

The expression is packaged in a matte-black bottle which displays a fibre-optic logo.

The liquid is distilled and bottled in Poland, where it is also filtered through charcoal to remove impurities. It was developed to be sipped neat or mixed in cocktails.

Gabby Fisher, the brand's co-owner and chief marketing officer, said: “The team are aiming to turn this into not just a luxury product, but into a brand and lifestyle. We believe Illuminati Vodka is the epitome of quality, taste and style, and a product that will be instantly recognisable.”

The new-to-market spirit earned a Gold medal in our Vodka Masters blind-tasting competition.