Hovdenak Distillery enters new categories

by Owen Bellwood

Iceland’s Hovdenak Distillery has added a potato-based vodka and coffee-flavoured liqueur to its range.

Hovdenak Distillery, which is represented by The Nordic Gin House internationally, has bottled Loki potato vodka and partnered with coffee specialist Te & Kaffi to create Rökkvi coffee liqueur. Loki vodka is made using potatoes and Icelandic water, which are said to create an ‘incredibly soft’ spirit. The vodka is bottled at 40% ABV and is recommended served over ice. Made using cold brew coffee, Rökkvi coffee liqueur is described as having a strong coffee taste with brown sugar and soft caramel flavours. The 20% ABV liqueur is suggested served in cocktails such as the Espresso Martini. The two new products join Stuðlaberg gin in the Hovdenak Distillery range. Made using a process if vacuum distillation, the gin is said to have flavours of juniper, citrus, orange, and a slight cardamom and liquorice. Loki vodka and Rökkvi coffee liqueur will join The Nordic Gin House portfolio, which also markets København Klassisk Gin, Oslo Gin, Bergslagens Organic Gin, Bivrost Arctic Gin and Stuðlaberg Gin. Last year, The Nordic Gin House announced plans to take its portfolio of Scandinavian gins to “the next level”.