Hornitos debuts clear añejo Tequila

by Michael J Ritchie

Beam Suntory's Hornitos brand has extended its line with the launch of a "category first" clear añejo Tequila, called Cristalino.

Cristalino is a 100% blue agave Tequila that has been aged and filtered to produce a "smooth and crystal clear añejo", said to the first of its kind in the premium Tequila category. Starting as a triple-distilled añejo Tequila, the spirit has been aged for at least a year in traditional American white oak casks before undergoing a "unique process" of filtration to create the notes of a "typical of a Plata Tequila". Malini Patel, vice president of Tequilas at Beam Suntory said: "Hornitos Cristalino is a versatile spirit with a complexity of flavour that appeals to Tequila connoisseurs and smoothness that makes it highly approachable for those looking for an introduction to the Tequila. "These unique qualities make Hornitos Cristalino ideal for everyday sipping, as well as for celebrating special occasions.” Bottled at 40% abv, Hornitos Cristalino Tequila is available for RRP US$29.99 for 750ml. Meanwhile, the brand's A Shot Worth Taking campaign will hit televisions in 2018 and will feature real drinkers of the Tequila.