Hills & Harbour Gin revamps bottle design

by Kate Malczewski

Scottish producer Crafty Distillery has created a new bottle design for its Hills & Harbour Gin with sustainability and functionality in mind.

The new glass packaging is 30% lighter than the previous design, with a shorter and wider neck. Crafty is encouraging consumers to reuse the bottle in 'creative new ways', including as a water carafe, a vase or – with the addition of a pourer or pump – as a soap dispenser. The bottle also features a debossed illustration inspired by the Scottish landscape, which is meant to provide grip while pouring. In addition, the gin maker has incorporated a stopper made from 100% cork and natural wood that can be used as a 12.5ml measure. The patent-pending design allows drinkers to fill the cap twice for a standard 25ml serve. Graham Taylor, owner of Crafty Distillery, said: "The new design delivers a balance of both beauty and added functionality, such as the measure in the stopper, which we hope will improve both the drinking experience and reduce waste. "For us great innovation always has good reasoning behind it and that’s exactly what has driven this exciting new evolution from day one.” Last December, Crafty revealed that it is making a single malt Scotch whisky, which will be called Billy & Co.