Herradura Coleccion de la Casa, Reserva 2013

by The Staff

Brown-Forman’€™s Casa Herradura has launched Coleccion de la Casa, Reserva 2013 ”Cognac Cask Finish Reposado , a small-batch tequila crafted by its master distiller Maria Teresa Lara. The tequila is made using traditional production methods and a proprietary fermentation from naturally-occurring wild yeast. Herradura ages the tequila in American oak barrels for 11 months, then transfers it to French oak casks sourced from France’€™s Cognac region for three more months. The release is the second of Herradura’€™s small-batch tequilas; the first was a 2012 Port Cask Finished Reposado that came out last spring. The Cognac Cask Finish Reposado will be available throughout the U.S in November at a suggested retail price of $89.99 for a 750-ml. bottle.

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