Heads + Tails launches RTDs

by Alice Brooker

London bar Heads + Tails has unveiled nine ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, including twists on a Margarita and Old Fashioned.

Heads + Tails will release the serves on 20 October, with the nine cocktails divided into three categories: Fun & Fruity, Contemporary Classics and Serious & Stirred. Chris Dennis, director of Heads + Tails, said: “We have always been proud of being recognised for making some of the world’s best drinks so making them available beyond our bar was the logical yet challenging next step. "With the help of our gifted and experienced bar team we’ve created an extensive and varied range of well-known classics and creative twists.  We’re proud to say that these have the same exceptional quality of our in-house cocktails and we’re excited that our drinks are now available wherever our customer happens to be." The Fun & Fruity category comprises a trio of cocktails: the Peach Daiquiri, which combines rum, lime and sugar; the Pineapple Margarita, a ‘tropical twist’ on the classic cocktail; and the Angel Face, a mix of apple and apricot flavours balanced with a London dry gin. The Contemporary Classics presents a Negroni, a Cosmopolitan and an Espresso Martini. Meanwhile, the Serious & Stirred section includes two Old Fashioneds – one classic, and one with a maple twist – with ‘caramelised flavours of burnt wood’ combined with an ‘aromatic vanilla finish’. Rounding off the Serious & Stirred category is the classic El Presidente, which boasts a blend of aged rums. Will Partridge, director of Heads + Tails, said: “The pandemic accelerated this natural step for Heads + Tails, and while this was a project born from the effects of Covid-19, we are grateful we used our time wisely and are very proud of the RTD range we have produced.” The label and packaging was designed by London-based agency Colt. The drinks are available to purchase as 100ml single serves, for RRP £7.99 (US$10.97). Alternatively, the cocktails are also packaged in 500ml bottles, which contains six serves, for £34.99 (US$48.03). A pack of two 500ml bottles is available to buy for £64.99 (US$89.17), or three 500ml bottles for £84.99 (US$116.63). The cocktails will be sold exclusive on headsandtails.shop. Heads + Tails celebrated its first anniversary with the launch of a cocktail menu in 2019.