Hardy Cognac redesigns core range

by Nicola Carruthers

Cognac brand Hardy has rebranded its core range and will reintroduce its premium collection with crystal glass producer Lalique in September 2023.

The producer has rebranded its Traditional collection as part of its aim to ‘make the stuffy appearance of Cognac disappear and become a market disrupter’. The core range (VS, VSOP, VSOP Organic, and XO) features a new ‘elegant’ design with ‘bold’ French national colours. Hardy's redesigned range will make its debut in September as the brand embarks on a new chapter to ‘influence the Cognacs of the future’. It will be introduced in several European markets by Dutch-based distributor Anker Amsterdam Spirits. The brand will reintroduce its 10-year-old-and-above range with Lalique. The Lalique collection of decanters is described as the ‘most elite edition of Hardy Cognac’. The decanters contain Cuvée Bénédicte, a Grande Champagne Cognac. Bottled in 1983, the liquid comes in a leather casket and a crystal decanter designed by Marie-Claude Lalique. The Four Seasons range comprises: Printemps Carafe, Lété Carafe, L’automne Carafe, and L'hiver Carafe. Hardy Cognac also offers the Prestige series, which includes Cognacs mostly from Grande Champagne and features blends aged for 25, 30, 50, and 60-plus years. Founded in 1863, Hardy Cognac will celebrate its 160th anniversary this year. The Hardy Cognac style is described as ‘round, mellow and subtle’.

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