Guillotine Vodka and Tesse Restaurant introduce the MLK Punch

by Wooden Cork
Looking for something special this Thanksgiving to share? This cocktail made with Guillotine Heritage Vodka is the perfect take on holiday punch!
Read on for the recipe and how you can give back with Guillotine Vodka and Tesse Restuarant.
MLK Punch by Tesse Restaurant 
Guillotine Heritage Vodka in the MLK Punch
Guillotine Vodka presents MLK Punch by Tesse Restaurant. Smooth, mildy-sweet and a taste of the holidays, MLK Punch is exclusively made with Guillotine Heritage for you and yours. With every cocktail purchase made at Tesse Restaurant, $1 will be donated to the International Grocery Fund (IGF), a subsidiary of the Okra project, which sends grants to Black Trans people anywhere in the world who are experiencing emergency food shortages. Cheers to the drinks that keep on giving.