Great British Menu’s Oliver Peyton creates RTD range

Oct 12, 2020by Melita Kiely

Great British Menu judge Oliver Peyton has released his own line of ready-to-drink cocktails, called Unknown Pleasures.

Unknown Pleasures was the result of three years of sourcing, collaborations and experiments in creating pre-mixed cocktails. Peyton partnered with bartender Dre Masso to create the range. The pre-mixed series comprises a Bloody Mary (7%ABV), Peach Iced Tea (8% ABV) and an Espresso Martini (7% ABV). The canned cocktails are available to purchase in packs of six or 12, as individual flavours or mixed, and can also be purchased as an annual box subscription. The Bloody Mary and Peach Iced Tea packs will retail for RRP £21 (US$27) per six-can pack, equal to £3.50 (US$4.50) per can. Meanwhile, the Espresso Martini six-can pack is priced at £23.40 (US$30), with each can costing £3.90 (US$5). Peyton said: “The last three years have been an inspired journey of collaboration with the team, testing and testing again, perfecting taste and vision for a unique range of premium cocktails positioned as an affordable luxury. "We are defined by what’s in our cans, by a taste immersion fuelling word of mouth, social sharing and brand identification. Our uniquely designed cans will deliver impact on supermarket shelves, in bars – big and mini – and chilling in fridges everywhere.”