Glenmorangie 18 Years Old reveals floral design

by Melita Kiely

Highland Scotch whisky Glenmorangie has partnered with botanical sculptor Azuma Makoto to create a floral-inspired bottle for its 18-year-old expression.

Inspired by the floral notes of Glenmorangie, Makoto created a floral work of art in his studio in Tokyo, Japan, called Dancing Flowers of Glenmorangie. The masterpiece consisted of almost 100 blooms. Makoto chose flowers with scents that can be found in the whisky, along with Scottish flowers and additional blooms from countries where Glenmorangie is available. The artwork will debut at Chelsea’s Saatchi Gallery in London, UK, from 6pm-9pm on Thursdays 23 and 30 September. The sculptor said: “When I first tasted Glenmorangie 18 Years Old, each sip of the whisky unfurled as if it was a flower in bloom. “I could taste so many blossoms dancing on my tongue, that I was inspired to reimagine the whisky in Dancing Flowers of Glenmorangie. “I hope that through this limited edition design, my work brings as much joy as the delicious tastes which inspired it.” Makoto’s design was then translated onto the packaging of Glenmorangie 18 Years Old to create limited edition design. Glenmorangie 18 Years Old’s limited edition Azuma Makoto design will be available from 1 November via, whisky specialists and Amazon. It will cost RRP £100 (US$138). Dr Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie’s director of whisky creation, said: “Azuma Makoto’s stunning work deliciously translates the sweet, floral lushness of Glenmorangie 18 Years Old. “A mere glimpse of his limited edition design brings to mind the whisky’s scents of geranium, tuberose and jasmine, and tastes of honeysuckle and sweet pea, figs and nuts. Since it looks as wonderful as it tastes, this limited edition is sure to delight whisky lovers old and new.” Glenmorangie is supporting this year’s RHS Botanical Art & Photography Show in partnership with Saatchi Gallery, from 18 September to 3 October. Earlier this month, Glenmorangie unveiled its new innovation distillery: The Lighthouse. The Spirits Business got a preview of the facility and an interview with Dr Bill Lumsden.