Glasgow Distillery launches Banditti Club spiced rum

Mar 20, 2019by Melita Kiely

The Glasgow Distillery Company has expanded its spirits range with the launch of Banditti Club – Glasgow Spiced Rum.

Banditti Club is distilled from sugarcane juice on the island of Madeira. It spends 12 months maturing in oak casks before being spiced with ingredients including pineapple, orange, cacao and allspice – all of which takes place in Glasgow. The rum is said to have notes of toasted pineapple and orange on the palate, leading to cloves, anise and a spicy finish. Bottled at 44% abv, Banditti Club – Glasgow Spiced Rum is available to purchase online via at an RRP of £25 (US$33) per 500ml. Mike Hayward, co-founder of The Glasgow Distillery Company, said: “The city of Glasgow has a strong historical connection with rum and therefore it felt right that we bring our own brand to market. “We believe now is a perfect time to join the growing number of rums in the market, as consumers seek to further explore and discover new drinking experiences. “Banditti Club offers a premium, all-natural product with no added sugars or colourings, which we believe stands up strongly alongside the best spiced rums currently available.” Earlier this month, The Glasgow Distillery Company unveiled its core single malt whisky collection.