Giffard reveals new pineapple liqueur and syrups factory

Jun 15, 2017by Amy Hopkins

Giffard has added a Caribbean Pineapple flavour to its premium liqueurs range, at the same time as opening a new facility for its syrups production.

Caribbean Pineapple Premium Liqueur is a mix of fresh pineapples, candied pineapple infusion, seven-year-old Caribbean rum, and spices. The product was created to capitalise on growing momentum behind tiki cocktails, according to Giffard, a family-run producer of liqueurs and syrups based in Angers, France. Bottled at 20% abv, Caribbean Pineapple Premium Liqueur will be available in the UK through distributor Mangrove from this month, and will roll out to Giffard’s other international markets. Giffard has also unveiled a brand new syrups product facility near Angers. Previously, the company’s liqueurs and syrups were made at the same site, but this new factory will allow it to scale up production. Built at a cost of €13 million (US$14.5m), the factory opened two months ago and is managed by Pierre Giffard, son of Edith Giffard, who runs the business with her brother Bruno. It will allow Giffard to double capacity of both its liqueurs and syrups production. “We face a 20% yearly increase on syrups and between 2010 and 2016 we more than doubled,” said CEO Bruno Giffard. “So we decided in 2014 to invest in syrups production. At the same time, liqueurs were also growing, so we knew we couldn't make the investment at the same place, because there is not enough land.” The syrups facility is based on an area of land that will allow Giffard to expand production even further in the future, and also provides the option to moves liqueurs production to the new site. According to Bruno Giffard, sales of Giffard's liqueurs and syrups portfolios are showing impressive growth and are roughly equal, but syrups are outpacing liqueurs as new markets open up around the world.