Genever producer Hooghoudt joins no-ABV category

by Melita Kiely

Dutch distillery Hooghoudt has become the latest spirits producer to enter the non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ category with the launch of Zero Zero 24.

Zero Zero 24 is a herb distillate made with juniper, elderflower and lavender. It takes cues from Rijke Jenever No 24, a recipe produced by Hooghoudt in 1914. The product was unveiled at numerous European trade shows in recent months and has already secured distribution in several international markets. It will sell for RRP €24.95 (US$28) in the Netherlands, but prices may differ slightly in other markets such as the UK. Arno Donkersloot, managing director at Hooghoudt, said: “Consumers have changed, but our industry has been slow to recognise this. I believe that with the launch of this product, Hooghoudt will leapfrog the industry and is ready to cater to people that don’t want to drink for whatever reason, but refuse to compromise. “Zero Zero 24 allows these folks to enjoy the best of the best and it opens the doors to introduce ourselves to an audience that we would normally not have connected with.”