G&H Spirits launches trio of gins

by Melita Kiely

Georgie & Henners (G&H) Spirits has released a range of three premium gins, called Initial Gin.

The trio comprises: LDN, the brand’s signature London Dry expression; BST (British Summer Time), a ‘fresh, floral’ gin; and OTG (Old Tom Gin). Each expression is distilled in a copper still, using a ‘small number’ of botanicals, before being bottled at 42% ABV. Katie Overton-Hart, founder and director of G&H Spirits, said: “As an emerging, challenger brand, we literally bring something new to the party. "In our busy, always-on world, we’re constantly being asked to make choices and decisions. “When it comes to choosing a gin, you don’t want to work that hard. Initial Gin is simple, honest and unpretentious, making it easy to choose a great-tasting, high-quality gin, whatever your individual tastes and however you want to enjoy it.” Earlier this month, SB highlighted five exceptional gins to kickstart your own collection.