Funkin launches ready-to-serve cocktail garnishes

Oct 31, 2018by Melita Kiely

Fruit purée and syrup brand Funkin has created a range of ready-to-serve dried cocktail garnishes in a bid to help bars cut down on their costs and food waste.

The Funkin Pro range of dried garnishes includes orange, lemon, strawberry and citrus, which have each been sliced and dehydrated in a geothermal and carbon neutral facility. The dried garnishes are sold by weight starting from 250g. Unopened, each pack has a shelf life of 12 months. Ben Anderson, Funkin head of marketing, said: “Our new range of dried fruit garnishes are a first in the cocktail market and with up to 62% [CGA Mixed Drinks Report September 2017] of consumers now saying that having the correct garnish on their cocktail is very important, there has never been a better time for us to launch this innovative new premium product. “A key issue for many on-trade outlets when preparing fruit garnishes is the amount of food waste it generates. “Food waste is financially and environmentally damaging so by introducing our dried fruit garnishes, outlets will be able to save costs and reduce their impact on the environment.” In May this year, Funkin released a pre-batched Espresso Martini expression. The brand’s founder also moved into the realm of non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ with the launch of Stryyk Not Rum and Stryyk Not Gin in July.