Frisky Flavored Whiskey

by Jamie Stafford

James Landis and Nicole Young – from Hpnotiq Liqueur brand – have teamed up with Ken Donarski to launch Frisky Whiskey, a new flavored whiskey.

Frisky Whiskey is crafted in small batches and produced in Charleston, SC. Infused with caramel and Vanilla, the Frisky Whiskey flavor was originally created as an extension of Landis’ William Wolf Whiskey line. After winning awards at the San Francisco World Spirts Competition and the Beverage Testing Institute (2018) as well as the Chairman’s Trophy at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, the Frisky flavor was pulled from the line, rebranded, and given its sole identity.

In contrast to typical flavored whiskeys, which tend to be fruit-focused, Frisky’s flavor profile intentionally leans into notes of caramel and vanilla, according to the company.

Landis is confident that “Frisky whiskey appeals to anyone that’s ever enjoyed a flavored cocktail…but never thought they could enjoy brown spirits. [It] pays homage to the notes found in great aged whiskeys but puts them in a starring role and makes them more fun.” According to Young, who collaborated with Landis on the development of Frisky’s flavor, the duo’s mission was to “create an inclusive whiskey experience that was approachable for the curious, welcoming to connoisseurs and delicious to everyone.”

Frisky Whiskey is the only female, Black-owned flavored whiskey on the market and Young is one of only two Black female CEOs in the whiskey business. Young is especially excited to tap into the ever-growing female whiskey audience according to the company, having stated “Equally prioritizing the female and male perspectives in terms of whiskey is long overdue and I’m excited to have the opportunity to do that with Frisky.”

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