Frapin launches latest Multimillésime expression

Sep 30, 2019by admin

Single estate Cognac producer Frapin has launched Multimillésime No.7, a blend of three vintages.

Frapin Multimillésime No.7 is a blend of vintage Cognac from 1989, 1991 and 1993 – all said to have been selected for their “sensory potential and complementary characteristics”. As with all Cognacs created by Frapin, the expression is single estate, meaning it has been created exclusively using grapes grown on its 240-hectare Grande Champagne estate. Harvest, distillation and ageing processes all take place at the Frapin domaine. “[A] blend of vintages exclusively harvested, distilled and aged at Frapin's estate, Multimillésime N°7 offers the best from our terroir of 240ha located in Grande Champagne – 1st Cru of Cognac,” said the brand. Last year, the family-owned Cognac house upped its social media presence with the launch of new accounts.