Four Roses Distillery unveils new look bottles

by Owen Bellwood

Four Roses Distillery is striving for consistency in its portfolio with a new design for its Bourbon bottles.

The renewed packaging has been designed to match the style and colour of the brand's other expressions, including Four Roses Small Batch and Four Roses Single Barrel. The upgraded Four Roses Bourbon bottle features a wooden closure with a cork finish and new labels. The brand's rose cluster design is featured both on the label as well as embossed on the glass. Four Roses master distiller, Brent Elliott, said: “I’ve always believed this is an exceptional Bourbon and I am excited to offer it in a new package that better reflects the elegant, smooth and mellow character of the liquid inside. “The Bourbon itself will be unchanged. We will continue to use the same formulation and age of liquid to create the same, classic and consistent flavour that has made this a long-time favourite with our consumers.” The Kentucky-based distillery creates its Four Roses Bourbon by combining Bourbon from 10 recipes, created from two mash bills with five different yeast strains. The newly packaged Four Roses Bourbon will roll out to retailers in spring 2018. In 2017, the distillery launched its Small Batch Limited Edition Bourbon in the UK, with just 3,000 bottles available in Europe.