Fountain Hard Seltzer cans new flavours for summer

by Georgie Pursey

In May, hard seltzer brand Fountain will add two new flavours to its portfolio, watermelon and raspberry.

Both new releases are offered at 5% ABV, and accompany the brand's existing mango and passionfruit flavours. The latter was awarded a Silver award in the The Hard Seltzer Masters 2021. Jon Hamm, Fountain Hard Seltzer UK partner, said: “After months of taste testing and perfecting our recipe, we have produced two truly delicious new flavours, which we can’t wait for the public to try and enjoy this spring and summer. “We are seeing the hard seltzer market continue to grow and we believe that it will be more popular than ever in the UK over the coming months. "Our master brewer has worked closely with the team to ensure we have created something truly delicious and refreshing – we can’t wait to celebrate these new flavours as we head into a summer filled with live events, large gatherings, and reuniting with friends and family.” Fountain hard seltzer is created in small batches using traditional methods and 'clean' fermented alcohol. This process takes place in the brand’s Liverpool brewery. The drink is vegan and contains no added sugar, using only premium natural fruit with sparkling water This announcement follows the news that Fountain has partnered with Live Nation, which will see the hard seltzer brand reach a potential audience of more than three million festival goers across a total of 28 of the UK's biggest music events, including Reading and Leeds Festival and Glasgow-based TRNSMT festival. “We have an incredibly exciting summer ahead,” added Fadi Shuman, Fountain Hard Seltzer UK Partner. “Being able to support live music and the UK’s burgeoning festival scene is so important after such a difficult couple of years. "We see our product as being a great fit for these events – hard seltzer makes a great alternative to the standard menu of beers, wines and spirits. Fountain brings the flavour but is also hydrating, refreshing and far less bloating too.” Watermelon Fountain Hard Seltzer and Raspberry Fountain Hard Seltzer will be priced at £14 (US$18) for a pack of six, £25 (US$32) for a 12 pack. They will be available exclusively on the Fountain website at and on Amazon.