Flying Embers debuts cocktail-inspired RTDs

by Georgie Pursey

Hard seltzer producer Flying Embers has expanded its portfolio with a range of high-ABV cocktail-inspired ready-to-drink (RTD) cans.

The new line of canned beverages is made with USDA-certified organic ingredients including agave nectar and real fruit juices. The Californian brand has leveraged its proprietary fermentation process to transform traditional cocktail ingredients into flavourful high-ABV Margarita- and Mojito-style RTDs. "We recognised the need to reimagine what a canned cocktail could be,” said Flying Embers founder and CEO, Bill Moses. “In theory it's great to envision a couple of shots of a spirit mixed with fresh juice in a can, but that's unfortunately not the reality. “Many of the RTDs on the market positioning themselves as better-for-you are in fact full of syrups, colours, stabilisers and other junk because fresh cocktails simply do not hold up to being packaged." "We went back to our roots of working with plant-based ingredients and using our fermentation expertise to create the wildly delicious and complex flavours consumers are seeking, while being brewed to be better; naturally free of sugars and carbs." Flying Embers' Mojito- and Margarita-inspired drinks are available for purchase in two six packs, offering three flavours of each variety. The 10% ABV Sparkling Margarita Variety Pack includes three ‘exotic’ flavours: Classic Lime, Blood Orange Pomegranate and Strawberry Guava, all crafted with real lime juice and agave nectar. The 8% ABV Sparkling Mojito Variety pack includes three ‘refreshing’ flavours: Lime, Watermelon and Mango. The 100% plant-based drinks are made with alcohol from organic cane sugar and are aged in Tequila and rum barrels to infuse ‘authentic’ flavours, while allowing the drinks to be naturally free of sugar. The new RTDs join the brand’s existing line up of hard seltzers and hard kombuchas, which include the 7.2% ABV Cherry Hibiscus Lime featuring a blend of fresh muddled cherries with tart aromatic hibiscus, and finished with ‘a bright burst’ of lime; and the 6.9% ABV Orange Passion Mimosa made with a subtly sweet combination of citrus and natural ‘tangy’ kombucha, finished with hints of tropical passionfruit and guava. Moses continued: "We are really proud of what we developed. Staying true to our core capability as fermenters and working with our best-in-class national beer distribution network, we are entering the exciting cocktail category by offering consumers something truly different and better, with superior ingredients, full nutritional transparency and with the right pack-price-variety mix." Flying Embers canned cocktails will be available at select retailers across California, Texas, Colorado and North Carolina, with plans to expand its distribution and retail partner footprint throughout the year. In January this year, Flying Embers closed a US$20 million series C funding round led by spirits giant Beam Suntory.