‘First’ vodka designed to mix with water debuts in UK

by Melita Kiely

Spanish brand Vita, the 'first' vodka specifically designed for mixing with water, is preparing to launch in the UK.

Established in 2016 in Madrid, Spain, Vita is currently the best-selling vodka brand on Amazon Spain, and will be distributed in the UK through Interbev. The citrus vodka is aimed at health-conscious consumers looking for low-alcohol drinking options, claiming to be sugar-free and gluten-free. According to 2015 data from Mintel, almost a quarter of UK drinkers consider calorie intake when selecting a drink. Victor Ruiz Lafita, founder and CEO of Vita, said: “Our secret formula means that Vita needs only still or carbonated water to bring out its natural citrus flavours. “We believe that many people won’t continue to drink in the traditional way and that Vita is way ahead of the game in this respect. “We’ve had a great reaction in Spain, but as vodka consumption is 15 times higher in the UK, and the British are keen to look after their health, we’re very excited to launch here.” Vita has also launched a crowdfunding campaign via crowdcube.com in an effort to raise £130,000 worth of investment to grow the brand further.