Firebox launches ‘hybrid’ gin liqueurs in UK

Feb 24, 2020by Owen Bellwood

Online retailer Firebox has unveiled a range of "hybrid" gin liqueurs as part of its new Uncommon Drinks collection, which combines the juniper-based spirit with wine and classic cocktail flavours.

The Uncommon Drinks range features three wine flavours and three classic cocktail flavours. Bottled at 20% ABV, the range includes Red Wine Gin, White Wine Gin, Rosé Wine Gin, Peach Bellini Gin, Mint Mojito Gin and Pink Cosmopolitan Gin. Kristian Bromley, managing director of Firebox, said: “Fresh from the runaway success of our Unicorn Tears Gin, the original drink responsible for the explosion of the shimmer gin category, we are excited to introduce gin fans to a brand new drink concept. “Our customers tell us they often agonise over the choice between white wine or a G&T, so we are excited to help solve this conundrum. Cheers to never having to pick between your favourite tipples again.” The collection, which is said to “embrace the hybrid drinks trend”, combines “tart juniper and a collection of carefully-selected gin botanicals” with "natural" wine and cocktail flavourings. Available exclusively in the UK, the liqueurs have been priced at RRP £19.99 (US$26) per 500ml bottle.