Fentimans launches Sparkling Raspberry mixer

by Owen Bellwood

Soft drinks manufacturer Fentimans has expanded its mixer portfolio with a raspberry-flavoured variant.

Sparkling Raspberry has been developed to offer a "grown-up soft beverage" that can be drunk alone or mixed with a range of spirits. The drink's bittersweet raspberry flavour has been achieved with the brand's botanical brewing method, used to make all Fentimans drinks, combined with an infusion of raspberry and other natural ingredients. Fentimans marketing director, Andrew Jackson, said: "As a pioneer of craft beverages and a flavour innovator, it is satisfying to see an increased number of people seeking premium alternatives to ordinary carbonated drinks. It’s a trend we’ve seen growing over the past few years and it shows no sign of slowing down. "The introduction of Sparkling Raspberry will continue to build our appeal with a younger audience, who actively seek out interesting brands, which deliver on provenance and quality.” Sparkling Raspberry will be launched in 275ml and 750ml bottles and will be supported by a outdoor, experiential and digital marketing campaigns. Earlier this year, the UK-based drinks firm rolled out a £1.2 million (US$1.6m) brand redesign, which covered all of its tonics and mixers portfolio.