Féfé expands its RTD range

by Georgie Pursey

Acclaimed Parisian cocktail bar Le Syndicat has expanded its premium ready-to-drink (RTD) range Féfé.

The two new ranges, Féfé Fine à l’Eau and Féfé RTD, bring the Le Syndicat's signature mix of French tradition and innovation to classic cocktails. The team has incorporated traditional French spirits Cognac, Calvados and Armagnac into the canned serves. The Féfé Fine à l’Eau range takes inspiration from the traditional French way to enjoy brandy - with water - creating a long, delicate and fresh drink. It is made of three expressions: Originale, made with Maison Hine Cognac, lemon balm infusion, verjuice, pink berry and white pepper infusions; Blanche Armagnac, created with Blanche Armagnac from Château Arton, strawberry infusion, lemon juice, juniper berry, cocoa and cayenne pepper infusion; and Calvados, made with Calvados Distillerier Boulard and infusions of lemon peel, green grape juice, lemongrass, lavender, black pepper, pink berry, elderflower and bitter orange peel. The Féfé RTDs range consists of four classic cocktails, reimagined using French spirits and inspired by previous menus at the multi-award-winning bar. The popular French inspired cocktails include an Espresso Martini made with Maison Hine Cognac, an Apple Sour with Calvados Distillerie Boulard, a Porn Star Martini with Blanche Armagnac from Château Arton, and the Candy Negroni with eau de vie de framboise Distillerie Peureux. The Fine à l’Eau range is offered in 330ml cans which range from 5-8% ABV, retailing at €21 (US$22.08) per pack of six. Each 187ml can of Féfé RTD is presented between 12-20% ABV and is priced at €36 (US$37.86) for a pack of eight. All are now available now from Féfé’s website and select French retailers. Féfé was launched in 2020 by the craftsmen behind Le Syndicat, who were inspired by the hard seltzer 'revolution' that was sweeping across the world. Last month, Féfé's Cucumber and Eucalyptus Hard Seltzer was awarded Gold in The Hard Seltzer Masters 2022.