Evan Williams launches apple-flavoured Bourbon

Apr 16, 2019by Melita Kiely

Heaven Hill Brands has added an apple-flavoured Bourbon to its Evan Williams range.

Evan Williams Apple is bottled at 35% abv, in keeping with the rest of the brand’s flavoured expressions. It is said to be “crisp” and “green apple-forward”, with Bourbon notes behind. Imbibers may also find flavours of caramel and light spice, leading to a long finish of green apple. The launch of Evan Williams Apple will be supported by the tagline ‘picked fresh. Poured smooth’, plus a dedicated media programme and point-of-sale products throughout the summer. It will be available in 50ml and 750ml bottles, with the latter size carrying an RRP of US$14.99. Julie Cole, Evan Williams brand manager, said: “Evan Williams Apple is an approachable flavour that stays true to the quality of Evan Williams Bourbon and personality of the brand. “We look forward to bringing in new consumers to the Evan Williams franchise, as well as giving our current consumers more choice.”