Ethyl Ambrosia creates ‘sophisticated’ jelly shots

Jan 6, 2020by Owen Bellwood

US-based Ethyl Ambrosia has created a range of “sophisticated" alcoholic dessert shots, designed to premiumise jelly shots.

Named after the German word 'ethyl', the group of atoms found in alcohol, and 'ambrosia', meaning 'food of the gods' in Greek mythology, Ethyl Ambrosia has launched seven flavoured jelly shots. Developed by founder Dee Dee Bryant, the 15% ABV Ethyl Ambrosia jelly shots are made using a seaweed-based gel and a wine-based alcohol. Bryant said: “Our brand is uniquely crafted to provide the nostalgia and carefree feelings from your younger years, but with the product quality and sophistication you deserve today. “We focus on that special, celebratory moment of coming together with your family or friends – and it doesn’t hurt that it’s photo-friendly, too.” The brand has initially launched seven variants: Rosé, Mojito, Moscow Mule and four different coloured Citrus Punches – green, orange, blue and red. Each shot is packaged in the brand's patent-pending, ready-to-serve mini stemware cups. The base of each cup can be twisted and pushed up to release the jelly, making it easier to consume the shots. Ethyl Ambrosia's jelly shots are available in packs of 20 for US$65. They are available in the US, in locations including Alaska, California, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Texas and Washington DC.