ELLC moves into hard seltzers

Sep 15, 2020by Melita Kiely

East London Liquor Company (ELLC) is tapping into the fast-growing hard seltzer trend with the launch of two expressions.

The new range of ELLC hard seltzers comprises two flavours: pomegranate and vodka, and lime and vodka. Alex Wolpert, founder of ELLC, said: “Our focus has always been on making sure that drinkers have a wide range of delicious booze to enjoy, whether that’s in their favourite cocktail bar, or their spirits cabinet at home. “But sometimes you don’t want to bother with the faff of making cocktails and just want to grab a tinny from your fridge. “Our job is to make sure that those canned drinks taste great. Don’t like it? Don’t drink it. We created seltzers that are big on taste using natural ingredients, and yes, they’re low on calories like other seltzers, but that’s just an added bonus.” The East London Pomegranate and Vodka Seltzer has an ABV of 4% and is described as tasting like ‘big, juicy and crisp pomegranate, carefully balanced with vodka’. It will retail for RRP £24 (US$31) per 12-can case. The East London Lime and Vodka Seltzer is also canned at 4% ABV. It is said to be ‘heavy on natural flavour, light on pretty much anything else’. It will also retail for RRP £24 (US$31) per 12-can case. Each seltzer is made from the 100% wheat vodka made behind the bar in ELLC’s distillery in Bow Wharf, London. Each can contains 88 calories. They will be available to purchase via ELLC’s online shop, eastlondonliquorcompany.com/shop, along with Wholefoods UK, and Brewhouse and Kitchen. The hard seltzer trend has taken the US by storm over the last couple of years and is slowly finding its way to the UK and further afield. In July, we looked at five UK producers exploring the burgeoning hard seltzer category. Last month, Jose Cuervo Tequila launched its own hard seltzer expression: Playamar.