Douglas Laing honours Gurkhas

Jul 13, 2011by Alan Lodge

Douglas Laing & Company have launched a single cask bottling of their finest Old Malt Cask – chosen to commemorate Scotland’s long association with the Gurkhas, Nepal’s legendary fighting men.

Gurkhas first fought alongside Scottish soldiers in 1817 and have continued to do so to this day. Fred Laing, the company’s managing director, said:”Every year we select a charity for which we will bottle a Single Cask from our stock. "This year we have chosen the Gurkhas. Their famous war cry 'Ayo Gorkhali!' translates as 'The Gurkhas are here!', and whilst Douglas Laing & Co has no such famous war cry, we are proud and happy to send all proceeds of this bottling to the Gurkha Welfare Trust.” Only 298 bottles have been filled of this 20 years old Allt-a-Bhainne, with an RRP of approximately £75.