Crown Royal Peach Whisky Review

Sep 15, 2020by Wooden Cork

The signature Crown Royal Whisky was first created in 1939 as a gift for the visiting King and Queen of England. Over 600 blends were produced before selecting the perfect blend that is still produced today. The Crown Royal base is made from pure water sourced from Lake Winnipeg naturally filtered through the limestone beneath and a grain blend of rye, corn, and barley. Roughly 80% of the grains used are sourced from Manitoba and surrounding provinces. Twelve distillation columns produce the fifty whiskies that comprise Crown Royal.

For Crown Royal Peach Whisky, Peaches are harvested at their flavor peak. Once picked the peaches are de-stoned, pressed and strained to preserve their bright, aromatic flavor. The peaches and natural flavors are infused with Crown Royal Whisky before bottling at 70 proof. It pours to a golden amber color. The aroma is fresh picked peach, vanilla, cinnamon, and maple, with sweet tea and Crown Royal Whisky on the back end. The sweet juicy peach entry is joined by vanilla custard, building to a peach preserve peak. It fades with peach iced tea. The finish is warm and sweet with vanilla cream, oak, peach nectar and a hint of maple syrup, leaving vanilla glazed peach slice, and whisky aftertaste.

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