‘Craft’ gin from India enters UK market

Jul 12, 2019by Amy Hopkins

India’s “first craft gin", distilled in copper pot stills in Goa and made with local botanicals, has made its debut in the UK.

Greater Than London Dry Gin first launched in India in 2017. It is the brainchild of two bar owners and entrepreneurs: Anand Virmani and Vaibhav Singh, who worked with gin expert and Bombay Sapphire master distiller Ann Brock to set up their distillery. According to the pair, their gin exemplifies the flavours of “the botanical capital of the world”. It contains ingredients from India and other parts of the world, with citrus notes that make it suited to cocktails such as the Negroni and Clover Club, as well as gin and tonics. Bottled at 40% abv, Greater Than London Dry Gin will retail for RRP £22.49 (US$28). “India and the UK are forever tied together in the history of gin,” said Virmani, who is CEO of Nao Spirits. “If not for the English, we would not have had our first sip of gin, and if not for India, the English would never have discovered the gin and tonic. “The ties between the two countries of course have become tighter over time and it seemed only natural to us to produce an authentic Indian gin.”