Corralejo marks 25 years with extra añejo Tequila

Aug 19, 2021by Kate Malczewski

Tequila producer Corralejo has unveiled an extra añejo expression to celebrate the brand's 25th anniversary.

To produce the limited edition Tequila, hand-harvested Blue Weber agave is cooked in stone clay ovens for 36 hours and fermented with a strain of yeast developed in-house before the liquid is double distilled, first in column stills, then in copper pot stills from Spain. The spirit is then aged for five years in rye whiskey barrels from Templeton in Indiana. The resulting 40% ABV expression boasts aromas of toasted oak, agave, vanilla and brown sugar, along with cinnamon, cloves and pepper. On the palate, it offers cooked agave flavours with rye, vanilla, caramel and brown sugar, unfolding to a buttery finish. Just 1,600 bottles have been released. The Corralejo brand was founded in 1996 by Don Leonardo Rodriguez Moreno, and owned by Fraternity Spirits. It is made at Hacienda Corralejo, which began producing Tequila as a commercial venture in 1755 – one of the first estates in Mexico to do so. "It is an honour to celebrate 25 years of Corralejo Tequila with such a rare and delicious liquid," said Moreno. "This 25th Anniversary Extra Añejo celebrates and pays homage to the history, culture and heritage the Corralejo Tequila brand was built on, and that to this day remains within the hacienda's community." The expression is now available to purchase at select retailers for US$349.99. A bottling from Corralejo made our list of the best expressions for National Tequila Day.