Copper & Kings launches liqueurs line

by Kristiane Sherry

Louisville-based Copper & Kings American Brandy Co has expanded its product portfolio with a line of alembic-distilled liqueurs named Destillaré.

  The non-chill-filtered, copper-pot distilled infusions all have a brandy base and are made without added sugar or colourants. The first two products – an “intense” 45% abv orange Curaçao and a 30% mistelle, will be available in 30 US markets from August 2017. ‘Destillaré’ is the Latin root word for ‘distillation’, and is derived from ‘to drop’ or ‘trickle down’. “We are a brandy distillery, and using brandy as a base adds a lovely softness, a long finish and enough structure to work within complex libations,” said Copper & Kings head distiller, Brandon O’Daniel. “We want to live within the formality of liqueur styles that have existed for well over a century, and then add our point of view. “It’s exciting to have a new palette to paint with, to create exciting, novel post-distillation infusions, which is a little different to Copper & Kings products which don’t allow for post-distillation intervention. The process and formulations have been very complex and challenging, but that’s part of our personal growth. “We distill and infuse honey for sweetness, together with being non-chill-filtered this makes for an exceptional velvety mouthfeel, and a natural aftertaste. The vapour distillation adds a lovely layered intensity and the floral spike is very unique.” Chris Wilkins, Copper & Kings national brand ambassador, added: “We see so much artistry behind the bar today.“We wanted to perhaps add a little magic, to help provide a superior liquid which help build classics like Sidecars, Tiki drinks, the Brandy Crusta, and a platform for even more creativity. Frankly I am loving this simply over ice in a rocks glass, it’s gorgeous. “With a higher than usual 90 proof, it gives the cocktail profile some backbone, and the ability to hold up in a cocktail. Honey is a secret weapon – not too sweet, not too candy-like, and oh-so-smooth.” Destillaré Intense Orange Curaçao will retail at US$35 per 750ml bottle, with the limited release Destillaré Fortified & Infused Mistelle priced at US$40 per 750ml bottle. Earlier this year Copper & Kings expanded into the absinthe category with the launch of Zmaj, a limited edition aged absinthe matured in Serbian juniper wood barrels.