Copper & Kings collaborates with Kentucky Peerless

Feb 26, 2020by Owen Bellwood

Louisville-based producers Copper & Kings and Kentucky Peerless Distilling have partnered to release two barrel-finished spirits – a rye whisky and an American brandy.

The two American producers have created a pure copper pot-distilled American brandy aged in Kentucky Peerless rye whiskey barrels, and a rye whiskey aged in American absinthe barrels. The first expression is a blend of grape brandies aged for 70 months and brandies aged for between nine and 18 years. All the brandy used in the blend was matured in Kentucky Bourbon barrels before being finished for 14 months in Kentucky Peerless rye whiskey barrels. Copper & Kings founder, Joe Heron, said: “I feel like we are establishing a deeply rooted legacy of American brandy in Kentucky, and with our partnership with the Taylor’s and the Peerless family, we are reinforcing a history of American brandy in Kentucky that in the late 1800s had over 400 brandy distilleries in the state.” The second product released following the collaboration is a Kentucky Peerless Rye Whiskey that has been finished in Copper & Kings Absinthe barrels. According to Kentucky Peerless master distiller, Caleb Kilburn, the finish “provides the perfect contrasting notes” and created a whiskey that “bursts at the seams with flavour”. Kilburn said: “Early on, we took the stance that Peerless would never say never in regards to doing barrel finishes, but we also recognised that it would require time and the perfect partner to peak our interests. “Bold, exciting, intriguing, and bursting at the seams with flavour, this crossover is the perfect example of what a few artisans with big ambitions can accomplish when they come together.” Copper & Kings, Peerless Rye Whiskey Barrel Finished American Brandy is bottled at 54% ABV and is priced at US$65 per 750ml bottle. Kentucky Peerless Rye Whiskey, Copper & Kings Absinthe Barrel Finish is priced at US$129 per 750ml and has an ABV of 55.6%. Kentucky Peerless fourth generation founder, chairman and CEO, Corky Taylor, added: “Joe has always been a good friend of mine and it has been an honour to work with him. We are really excited to share the friendship between Kentucky Peerless and Copper & Kings with others through this collaboration.”