Copenhagen Distillery bottles First Edition whisky

Feb 21, 2020by Owen Bellwood

Danish producer Copenhagen Distillery has released its inaugural grain-to-glass whisky, called First Edition Single Malt.

Copenhagen Distillery’s First Edition Single Malt was distilled from a mash bill of local barley malt. The whisky was entirely fermented, distilled and matured in Copenhagen. Director of Copenhagen Distillery, Henrik Brinks, said: “First Edition completes my personal dream: groundbreaking single malt whisky, intense while elegant; and the first made in Copenhagen. I’m so excited to share it, and our further upcoming whiskies, and create new waves of single malt whisky enthusiasts. “As with all our spirits, we’re doing something different with something familiar, and using that to bring people together. First Edition single malt is that to the extreme. We’re really reinvigorating whisky into a new era: taking huge leaps forward while celebrating warm traditions.” Launched on 20 February at the distillery, First Edition Single Malt Whisky is said to have a profile that “bursts with chocolate and nuts, and a luscious, oily note of an iconically local, Scandinavian smoke”. Bottled at 56.2% ABV, Copenhagen Distillery First Edition Single Malt is priced at €875 (US$945) per 350ml bottle. The packaging for the limited edition whisky was designed in partnership with glass producer Holmegaard, box makers August Sandgren and the distillery’s creative partner Thank You Studio. Copenhagen Distillery First Edition Single Malt Whisky joins the brand's portfolio, which includes a range of aquavit, gin and bitters.