Comte de Grasse unveils 06 Vodka x Rosé

by Melita Kiely

Mediterranean spirits distillery Comte de Grasse has expanded its portfolio with the launch of 06 Vodka x Rosé.

Rather blending vodka and rosé to make a hybrid spirit, Comte de Grasse said it has created an entirely new style of vodka-rosé using an ‘innovative’ flavour extraction technique. Marie-Anne Contamin, master distiller of Comte de Grasse, used a new process, called active wine extraction (AWX), to combine the flavours of rosé wine with the vodka. Bottled at 37.5% ABV, 06 Vodka x Rosé is said to represent the 6pm apéritif hour in Provence. It has been priced at €42 (US$50) per bottle. The spirit is made from French winter wheat, and the microclimate and terroir of the region is said to result in ‘soft wheat’ to give the desired flavours for 06 Vodka. The nose is said to give aromas of rosé wine, specifically from Domaine Château Vert, with strawberry notes. The palate delivers ‘subtle floral notes’, with white peach and a fruity finish. 06 Vodka x Rosé is the second spirit from Comte de Grasse, following the distillery’s inaugural launch: 44oN Gin. The distillery was established in 2017 and is located in Grasse, the perfume region in the Côte d’Azur, France. The Spirits Business previously spoke to founder Bhagath Reddy about all things gin, and his ambition to move into brown spirits.