Cointreau and Saint Martins create limited edition bottles

Dec 5, 2018by Owen Bellwood

Liqueur brand Cointreau has partnered with London art school Central Saint Martins to create two limited edition bottle designs.

The Design Laboratory at the college has worked with the Rémy Cointreau-owned liqueur brand to design the Orange Limited Edition and the Selective Edition bottles. The two bottles are said to be a “celebration of orange in all its forms”. The Orange Limited Edition bottle features etched oranges, ribbed leaves and coiled roots. The monochrome design is said to “let the warm amber colour of the bottle take centre stage”. The Selective Edition is a release of 1,000 bottles that feature a gold iteration of the Orange Limited Edition. The bottle is topped with a perfume-inspired square cap and encased in an orange box with a fabric interior. Boris Thuery, creative director of the Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martins, said: “Inspired by the passion found within each bottle of Cointreau, we created a unique limited edition, inviting the audience to step into the recipe of the spirit itself and to celebrate the magic harmony of the ingredients.” The one-litre formats contain unchanged Cointreau liqueur In its latest financial results, brand owner Rémy Cointreau reported a 7.7% organic sales increase for the first half of its fiscal year, which was bolstered by “remarkable growth” for the Rémy Martin portfolio.