Cognac Expert founders expand own-label Cognac

Dec 11, 2018by Owen Bellwood

The founders of online drinks resource Cognac Expert have released their second limited edition Cognac, which is a blend of three vintage Petite Champagne Cognacs.

Cognac Expert was founded by brother-and-sister duo Sophie and Max von Olfers. The pair launched their first bottling in 2017. Sophie & Max Sélection N° 2 Extra Cognac has been created and bottled by family-run distillery Domaine de Birius in the Petite Champagne region. Sélection N° 2 is comprised of eau-de-vie from three vintages, 1975, 1982, and 1989, which were blended together by Domaine de Birius master blender Elodie Bouyer. Sophie von Olfers said: “It was inspiring to work so closely with Elodie Bouyer, who we’ve know for many years. At only 28 years old, she has developed an incredible talent as a master blender and runs her family’s Cognac house with such devotion.” The bottling is said to have “a round and elegant palate”, with a touch of spice and a dry finish with a hint of smoke. On the palate, it is said to have flavours including pear wine, saffron, pepper, and clove. Max von Olfers said: “What is unique about Sélection N° 2 is that it is blended from only three vintages and therefore impossible to recreate once it’s gone. Domaine de Birius make sophisticated Cognacs in small quantities – something Sophie and I very much appreciate in the day and age of overproduction.” Sophie & Max Sélection N° 2 Extra Cognac, which is bottled at 40% abv, is available exclusively from Cognac Expert carrying an RRP of US$170 per 750ml bottling.