Coffee-seasoned Tequila makes US debut

by Nicola Carruthers

Quintaliza Reposado, the ‘world’s first’ Tequila to be finished in coffee-seasoned barrels, has launched in the US.

The 100% Blue Weber agave Tequila was finished in oak barrels that previously held organic coffee made from beans harvested in Chiapas, Mexico. The Tequila claims to be free of additives and has been certified organic. “We began with a simple, but bold, dream to bring great Tequila and great coffee together," said Mike Winters, founder and CEO of Quintaliza Tequila. “The idea was not only to create something very new and different in the Tequila category, but also to do it in a way that tastes great naturally without the use of any additives. “Bartenders in particular are driving the call for additive-free Tequila but struggle to find enough examples to fill a bar menu.” The agave used to make the Tequila was cultivated in Jalisco, Mexico. It was naturally fermented for three days and double distilled using traditional alembic stills before being matured in two different barrels – ex-Bourbon barrels and barrels seasoned with coffee. “We don’t soak coffee beans or do any infusing, mixing, or blending of any kind,” Winters added. “Quintaliza Tequila never touches one drop of liquid coffee. “It took us two years of experimentation and product development to get it right, but that’s what it takes to create something that’s never been done before.” The resulting liquid offers roasted coffee on the nose and palate with caramelised agave and earthy undertones. The palate brings oak wood, rich chocolate, and subtly sweet agave. Quintaliza's master distiller is Iliana Partida, who is part of a family that has been growing agave and making Tequila for four generations. Partida served as master distiller for Tres Agaves Tequila when it opened its first distillery in Amatitán, Mexico, in 2019. Quintaliza said it has been planting agave since day one as it aims to be more sustainable. In addition, the coffee grounds from the brand's coffee-seasoned barrels are repurposed as fertiliser to increase the pH level of the soil in the agave fields. Bottled at 40% ABV, Quintaliza Reposado is priced at US$79 per 750ml bottle.

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