Coca-infused gin liqueur launches in UK

Jan 28, 2020by Owen Bellwood

Peruvian brand London to Lima has added a gin liqueur to its range, which has been infused with Amazonian coca leaves and mulberries.

The 36.8% ABV gin liqueur is the second expression to be launched by London to Lima gin. The new liqueur uses the brand’s signature gin, which is made using quebranta grapes, and botanicals including juniper berries, orris root, angelica root, cassia, coriander seeds, lime, orange and aguaymanto. It is also flavoured with wild honey to create “a rich and delicious liqueur”. Coca is native to South America and is known around the world for its association with illegal drug cocaine. A psychoactive alkaloid compound can be extracted from the leaves to create the drug, however the quantity of the compound found in coca leaves is “relatively low”. London to Lima Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur is said to be “bursting with berries” on the palate, with flavours of “bright citrus and pink pepper” and a “velvety chocolate” finish. The Peruvian brand's Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur is available in 500ml, 200ml and 50ml formats, each priced at £39 (US$50), £18 (US$23) and £7 (US$9) respectively.