Celtic Whisky launches first bottling in 20 years

Oct 4, 2021by Alice Brooker

France-based Celtic Whisky Distillery will release its third expression this month, a blended bottling called Gwalarn.

Blended whisky Gwalarn is the producer's first new whisky in 20 years. Celtic Whisky Distillery (CWC), based in Brittany, France, has produced blended whisky Gwalarn in tribute to CWC's origins of collecting whisky from distilleries in the Celtic region and blending them in Brittany. It is then diluted with natural mineral water that flows through the region’s pink granite rocks. The expression joins the distillery's existing portfolio comprising peated single malt Kornog and unpeated single malt Glann Ar Mor. The whisky producer was recently acquired by premium French spirits company Maison Villevert. “This is a new page in the history of Maison Villevert and the Celtic Whisky Distillery," said Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, founder and director of Maison Villevert. "We are building on solid assets and exceptional reputation and adding our dedication to innovate to work hard to create exceptional whisky." Brittany's ocean climate and northerly winds are said to complement the distillery's ageing process. Gwalarn is said to present notes of grain, gingerbread and peat on the nose. The palate gives way to sweet flavours of vanilla and honey, as well as layers of leather and smoky tobacco. The expression will be available to purchase from The Whisky Exchange for RRP £33.75 (US$46) from mid-October. The distillery's two existing whiskies have been redesigned and repackaged this year. The expressions are matured in Bourbon barrels and Brittany’s ocean climate and northerly winds are said to complement the distillery’s ageing process. Kornog retails for RRP £81.25 (US$111), an expression boasting aromas of lemon peel and beeswax on the nose. The liquid also presents a peaty character, with an intense and smoky finish. Glann Ar Mor can be bought for RRP £77.75 (US$106), and offers flavours of honey, toffee and brine on the nose, with a palate of apricot and mild spices. The whisky sits at 46% ABV.