Canaïma Gin aids Amazon conservation

Sep 27, 2019by Melita Kiely

A new Venezuelan gin from the makers of Diplomático Rum has launched globally, with 10% of sales earmarked for two foundations working to conserve the Amazon.

Canaïma Gin is made by DUSA (Destilerias Unidas), Diplomático Rum’s distillery in Venezuala, and bartender Simone Caporale has been involved in the project since its inception. Botanicals used in the gin are treated, macerated and distilled individually, producing small batches of 500 litres. In making the gin, the brand has worked with indigenous people experienced in harvesting different Amazonian botanicals in ways that limit environmental impacts. Furthermore, Canaïma Gin has partnered with two local foundations, including Tierra Viva, which developed the brand’s visibility material. The design and materials used for the brand were made by indigenous women, which created sustainable jobs for the different communities in the region. Additionally, Canaïma is working with Saving the Amazon, which uses technology, mobile applications and the “human potential of indigenous communities” to tackle the destruction of the Amazon, and plant trees. The brand will donate 10% of sales to both initiatives to help “preserve their deep-rooted culture, heritage” and help reforestation of the Amazon region. It will also contribute to food, security and changing the socioeconomic conditions of indigenous communities. Edouard Beaslay, Canaïma’s global marketing director, said: “Our intention has not only been to bring the world an exceptional gin but also to contribute to the well-being of local communities through our collaboration with the Tierra Viva Foundation and Saving the Amazon.” Bottled at 47% ABV, Canaïma Gin is available worldwide at an RRP of £37.50 (US$46) and is being distributed in the UK by Speciality Brands.